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Women's History Month

Briana developed Goblies® throwable paintballs while she was still in college. Her sister, Kaela, works on the marketing side of the business.

Lameka’s inclusivity-inspired stickers and planner accessories bring a fresh vibe to the crafting community.

Sheila is a mom, a former engineer and the founder of Ann Williams®. Her company creates activity kits to empower girls and bring joy to families.

Founder of Sweet Tooth Fairy®, Megan brings her Insta-worthy yumminess to meltables, sprinkles and more, so you can re-create your favorite sweet treats at home.

Mimi is a mom and veteran who, inspired by West African traditions, created a line of waistbeads — powerful tools for mindfulness that help cultivate positive energy.

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Join us this Women’s History Month as we reflect, and celebrate Women across all backgrounds that are trailblazers, and significantly contributed to building a greater world. While it's important to celebrate women's history throughout the year, March is when we celebrate the sacrifices made by women, for women throughout the world in order to fight for inclusion.

Discover Michaels as we feature women owned products, and businesses in order to help champion, and empower the growth of women's economy while creating a more inclusive shopping experience.

Although a small gesture of appreciation, compared to what greatness women have achieved throughout history or present day, find other personal and unique ways to celebrate Women’s History Month. Browse our carefully selected items in gifts and crafts like jewelry kits, frames, crafting essentials, spinning Loom kits, or other DIY products, and more.