Photo of employees in front of a Michaels store

50,000 PEOPLE

We hire the brightest, most creative and most talented people from many different backgrounds. And although there are thousands of us, we all share one purpose and one set of values.

Our Purpose

Our Purpose

We go to work every day to do one thing: Make Creativity Happen. It was true when the first Michaels store opened in 1973 and it's still true today.

Our Values

We’re proud to say that our values aren’t just words on this page. They are the heart of our culture, and we live by them each day. To establish our values, we put together a team of people from all over the company to share their feedback and reflect on what we stand for as an organization. Below is the result. (We think it’s pretty great.)

Make People Happy

We're dedicated to making Michaels a fun and supportive place to work, as well as a great place to shop.

Keep It Simple

It sounds easy, but sometimes simple is hard! Nevertheless, most things work best if they aren't complicated.

Innovate & Learn

The world moves quickly, and we aren't looking just to keep up. We strive to think bigger, have the best ideas, move faster and work smarter.

Give Back

We're committed to giving back to the communities that support us. That's why we partnered with Starlight Children's Foundation® and established Michaels Cares, a charity that serves our Team Members.

Spend Smart

We try to be frugal and spend our money in the best possible ways so we can invest in what truly matters.

Do The Right Thing

At Michaels, integrity is of the utmost importance. We try each day to do what's right (not just what's easy) for each other and for our customers.

Have Fun

We take our work seriously, but ourselves? Not. At. All. After all, we sell glitter and googly eyes!

If you are unable to complete our application because of a disability or otherwise, please contact 1-800-MICHAELS