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Bachelorette Party

Bestie Bash

DIY your way to a bachelorette party your bride tribe can’t forget.
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Bachelorette Party Tips

Your single days are numbered, lady, so be sure to celebrate with a bachelorette party your bride tribe can get behind! Today’s bachelorette party ideas range from wine tastings to wellness weekends in addition to the more standard night on the town.

Whatever your crew decides to do, make it special with bachelorette party decorations. Dress up your girlie HQ in tulle, balloons or garland. Set up a bubbly bar or a candy station stocked with treat bags and jars filled with goodies to snack on.

“Team Bride” beach bags or “Bridesmaid” canvas totes make great bachelorette party gifts — especially when stuffed with other bachelorette party supplies such as bridesmaid survival kits, tea light holders, trinket trays, bottle cozies or flip flops. Choose whatever favors your wedding party is likely to love.

Get all dressed up in a bride-to-be sash and tiara, and be sure to gift your bridesmaids with their own sashes or pins. Fun bachelorette party accessories make your selfies more shareable on social media! (Don’t forget to add a unique hashtag for your girls’ night out.)

Remember to make a bachelorette party playlist so you’ll always have tunes that remind you of the event. And share your iPhoto album after the fact so the best moments of your bachelorette party live on for years to come (even if it’s just between the girls).

One more pro tip: Sign up for Wedding Rewards to get exclusive savings on DIY supplies for your bachelorette party!

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